Gelaze Gel-n-Base Gel Remover - 16 fl oz / 473.1 mL

Gelaze Gel-n-Base Gel Remover - 16 fl oz / 473.1 mL - Item Number: GRC2

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Item Number : GRC2
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  • Product Description

    Soaks gel polish off in 10 minutes. Use with Remover Wraps.

    The creators of China Glaze have developed a unique gel system available in 49 colour-matched, China Glaze top selling shades. Gelaze Gel-n-Base in One is an innovative 100% pure gel polish that includes the base coat in the colour technology. You simply apply gel and top coat, cure and you’re set! With less steps, you save time and money. Our unique powder coated bottles are colour-matched, revealing true China Glaze shades. Express yourself with your favorite hues to match your every style and mood. You’ll feel confident knowing your gel manicures will last for weeks with chip-free, long-lasting shine! Everything you need to create Gelaze gel manicures that will last for weeks!

    * 2-in-1 gel polish
    * No Primer
    * No Bonder
    * Colored bottles

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